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Professor, Faculty of Business Dean

Research Areas
  • Empirical asset pricing
  • Stock return anomalies
  • Portfolio performance evaluation
  • Governance of pension funds
  • Value implication of market-based assets


PhD in Finance
Boston College, Carroll School of Management, 2002
Graduate MBA
Southern Methodist University, Cox School of Management, 1996
Boğaziçi University, BS in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, 1994

  • “Firm boundaries, incentives, and fund performance: Evidence from a private pension fund system,” with Umut Gökçen and S. Mehmet Özsoy, (2020), Emerging Markets Review, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ememar.2020.100682
  • “A concave security market line,” with Enrico G. De Giorgi and Thierry Post, (2019), Journal of Banking and Finance, Volume 106, 2019, pages 65-81.
  • “Modeling Heterogeneity in The Satisfaction, Loyalty Intention and Shareholder Value Linkage: A Cross Industry Analysis at the Customer and Firm Level,” with Lerzan Aksoy, Timothy L. Keiningham, Bart Lariviere, Sunil Mithas and Forrest Morgeson, (2016), Journal of Marketing Research, Volume 53, February 2016, pages 91-109.
  • “The case against active pension funds: Evidence from the Turkish Private Pension System,” with Umut Gokcen, (2015), Emerging Markets Review, Volume 23, June 2015, pages 46-67.
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  • “Optimal Portfolio Selection with a Shortfall Probability Constraint: Evidence from Alternative Distribution Functions,” with Yalçın Akçay, (2010), Journal of Financial Research, Volume 33, Issue 1, Spring 2010, pages 77-102.
  • “Does Customer Satisfaction Lead to an Increased Firm Value?” with Lerzan Aksoy, Bruce Cooil, Chris Groening and Timothy L. Keiningham, (2009), GfK Marketing Intelligence Review, Issue 2,  2009, pages 9-15.
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  • “Regulation Fair Disclosure and the Market’s Reaction to Analyst Investment Recommendation Changes,” with Marcia M. Cornett and Hassan Tehranian, (2007), The Journal of Banking and Finance, Volume 31, Issue 3, March 2007, pages 567-588.

Work in Progress

  • "The Impact of Customer Satisfaction on Firm Payout," with Lerzan Aksoy, Recep Bildik, Ali Fatemi and Timothy L. Keiningham.


Strategic Financial Management (FIN803), Portfolio Management (FERM504), Derivatives Best Practice (FERM502), Derivative Instruments and Financial Risk Management (FIN411), Asset pricing (FIN301).