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Erik den

Assistant Professor

Research Areas
  • Company Innovation Systems (CIS)
  • Business Ecosystems
  • Digital Platforms
  • Technology & Innovation Strategy


School of Economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam, Economics, 2005
School of Economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam, Business Economics, 1995

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  • Stolwijk, C.C.M., J.R. Ortt & E. den Hartigh (2013) The joint evolution of alliance networks and technology. A survey of the empirical literature; Technological Forecasting and Social Change, vol.80, pp.1287-1305. 
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  • Duin, P.A. van der & E. den Hartigh (2009); Keeping the balance: exploring the link of futures research with innovation and strategy processes. Technology Analysis & Strategic Management, vol.21, no.3, pp 333-351.

For more:


  • Den Hartigh, E., W. Visscher, M. Tol & A. Jiménez-Salas (2013) Measuring the health of a business ecosystem. In Jansen, S., M. Cusumano & S. Brinkkemper (Eds.), Software Ecosystems: Analyzing and Managing Business Networks in the Software Industry, pp.221-246. Edward Elgar Publishing: Cheltenham (UK).
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  • Technology and Innovation Management (MGMT401)
  • Executive MBA Technology Strategy in Business Ecosystems (MGMT808)
  • PhD Management Theory (MGMT907)