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Assistant Professor


Management & Organization, Marmara University, 2019; Air Transport Management, Cranfield University, 2013; Marketing, Bahçeşehir University, 2010


Business Administration, Istanbul University, 2007

Research Areas

Management, Strategy, Organizational Behavior and Aviation Management


Özge Peksatici Yanıkoğlu received her Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Istanbul University in 2007. She obtained her first Master’s Degree in Marketing from Bahçeşehir University in 2010. After submitting her thesis on “Competitive Strategies of Airline Companies Operating in Turkish Domestic Aviation Market”, she started to work for Onur Air as a Management Trainee. She was assigned to work at various departments within the company including Ground Operations, OCC, Flight Ops, Maintenance and Technical Departments in order to broaden the understanding of the airline business. She also has work experience in the area of banking and foreign trade. As a total, she has more than 5 years of industry experience.

She received an MSc degree in Air Transport Management from Cranfield University in 2013 and received her PhD title in Management & Organization from Marmara University in 2019. 

Her main research area includes management, strategy, organizational behavior and aviation management. Her goal is to pursue an academic career in aviation while partly working in the airline industry in order to combine theoretical knowledge with practical experience and contribute to the development of Turkish Aviation Industry.