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Application and Admission

Application and Admission

Application and Admission Requirements

1. Degrees:

Applicants must be either graduates of or graduating from an undergraduate program in case of Thesis and Non-Thesis program applications; and an undergraduate or a master's program in case of applications for PhD program, respectively.

Among admitted applicants, those who are expected to graduate must successfully complete their current programs prior to the enrollment date in order to be able to enroll in the university.

For diplomas awarded by higher education institutions abroad their education and degree must be deemed recognized by YÖK to those awarded by higher education institutions in Turkey’s. For candidates who apply to master’s degree programs must submit their Bachelor’s Degree, for candidates who apply to doctorate programs with undergrad degree must submit their Bachelor’s Degree and for candidates who apply to doctorate programs with grad degree must submit their Master’s Degree recognition letters. Candidates who are admitted to program and don’t have the Recognition Letter, is made by the university’s Student Services.

2.Entrance Exam Results for Postgraduate Education

It is mandatory to provide any of the exam results below. Candidates who apply to the programs for which ALES results are valid also submit GRE / GMAT results (if any).

3. English Proficiency Exam Result Documents

Any of the following exam results must be provided. If deemed necessary, candidates may be subjected to the OZU English Proficiency exam (TRACE) for M.Sc. applications.




Additional Conditions



1. Application Form: Application form filled in online completely and accurately.
2. Diploma: Copy of the diploma awarded by the latest higher education institutions graduated from. For diplomas awarded by higher education institutions abroad, copy of recognition letter issued by YÖK's International Equivalency Office is needed.
3. Transcript: Transcript showing all courses taken and grades achieved in all higher education institutions the applicant has so far attended to or graduated from. If the transcript does not include any information about the grading system, separate documents must be provided for the grading system of the relevant institutions.
4. Graduate Programs Entrance Exam Score Report: One of the score reports listed (ALES, GRE) in the application requirements.
5. English Proficiency Examination Score Certificate: One of the documents listed (TOEFL-IBT, YDS, KPDS, ÜDS, e-YDS, YÖKDİL) in the application requirements.
6. Letter of Recommendation: Two letters of recommendation. Letters of recommendation must be obtained from the applicant’s instructors and/or previous/current employer. Letters of recommendations obtained from family and friends are not acceptable.
7. Letter of Intent: Essays written in English about personal or professional goals in subjects provided by the Graduate School.
8. Supplementary Documents for International Students: Copy of the pages from the passport that have photograph and identity information.
9. Additional Information: If any, any information the applicant would like to provide (regarding the special circumstances in applicant’s academic background or professional career)

Application, Evaluation and Admissions

The university may request applicants to prove the accuracy of information and documents submitted during the application or the university may directly search the accuracy of such information and documents. Should it be determined that there are inconsistencies in information and documents provided by prospective students, such students are denied admission even if they were previously admitted, and their enrollments are revoked, even if previously completed.

Application documents are kept by the university and under no circumstances are returned to applicants, irrelevant of the result of evaluation.

As a result of preliminary evaluations conducted on the application information and documents, prospective students may be invited for a written examination or an interview. Failure to attend the interview or examination will disqualify the applicant from further consideration.

Applications are evaluated by an admission jury. Recommendations of the admission jury regarding the admission of applicants are concluded upon the resolution of the relevant Graduate School Executive Board.

If deems necessary, the Graduate School Executive Board may subject some of the admitted students to the Scientific Preparatory Program for one or two semesters to fully prepare them for their graduate programs. The resolution of the Graduate School Executive Board lists all courses that must be taken by the applicant.

The scope, application requirements and quotas of scholarships granted to admitted students are determined by the Board of Trustees for each academic year. Scholarships are awarded upon the resolution of the relevant Graduate School Executive Board and the approval of the Rector.

The foreign students must get the annotated student visa which is obtained from Consulate Branches of Turkish Embassies or Consulate General located in their country or nearby, in order to make entry to Turkey. Students should apply for the visa with the Consulate Notification Letter, which is sent by the institute with the acceptance letter. For detailed information please click here.

For international prospective students that do not have a Recognition Letter which is obtainable from a Higher Education Council., the necessary procedures for the recognition, will be completed by our University.