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Message from the Director

Message from the Director

“The only thing that doesn’t change is change itself,” says Heraclitus, the renowned philosopher who lived in the city of Ephesus between BC 535 and 475. Uttered many years ago and carrying the deepest meaning, this statement has become a reality that makes its presence felt in every sphere of the century we live in. In alignment with the recent phenomenon of globalization and the rapid development and transformation in information technologies, the world has begun to become a “whole”. As a result, competition has exceeded national borders, making it a necessity to explore new dynamics to cope with this new phenomenon, and it has become inevitable to employ creative, and innovative professionals who are able to read the spirit of time and are in tune with the world.

Providing the “service of information society”, and thus preparing qualified professionals who will serve the purposes above, meet the needs of society, and act as a bridge between information and society to disseminate information emerge as an important mission.

Our Graduate School considers this mission as its objective. Through its master’s and doctoral degree programs, our Graduate School aims to educate cadres of professionals who can respond to the needs of our country to achieve its social, legal, economic, and strategic goals, are vested with high-quality and high-standard educational background, and are able to compete internationally.

Our programs cover the fields of “Law”, “Psychology”, “Design, Technology and Society”. Our students who are enrolled in the enriched and qualified academic programs of our graduate school attain the problem solving skills on an academic level to develop solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s problems with the information and experience shared by our distinguished and esteemed faculty members, each an expert in their field. Only a limited number of students is admitted to our programs. The select students gain theoretical and practical expertise in the light of modern and interactive teaching methods.

Vested with high quality education, our graduates will be able to bring new information, ideas, and concepts to life in both public and private sector. They will make valuable contributions to society, and act as pioneers in their fields of expertise with their know-how as highly qualified individuals who possess academic analysis and R&D knowledge and skills, and who are objective, in harmony with the society in which they live, and well-versed about the international arena.

Our strategic goal is to bring in our country and, either directly or indirectly, the international arena young academicians and professionals with in-depth expertise in their fields of specialization. We aspire our graduates to be self-confident, productive, brave, open for innovation, and not afraid of competition. They will able to transfer what they have learned to society, take responsibility, develop and implement new projects to solve existing problems, and create a difference both in national and international arena.

We would like to experience this process with you as you set your goals and wishes, and make them come true. Join us to walk with us on this path...