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The goal of our Industrial Engineering Graduate Programs is to provide a solid foundation to our students in their graduate studies, have them gain research and development skills, introduce them to the latest developments and have them conduct research in the field of Industrial Engineering.

Özyeğin University offers a world-class education to its students to prepare them as the entrepreneurial pioneers of change and development with great team-working skills, who will contribute to sciences, industry applications, the national economy and the business world. The goal of the program is to contribute to the global economy and the business world by promoting entrepreneurship in industrial applications.

The program aims to build a strong international student body with both Turkish and international students; and will be further enriched with intensive international activities and collaborations to expose students to a wide array of opportunities for international and cross-cultural interactions.

As interdisciplinary studies take on greater importance each day, Industrial Engineering stands out by offering mathematical decision-making support in other engineering domains as well as in Business Administration. The Özyeğin University Industrial Engineering Program offers a rich curriculum with common courses offered to all other graduate programs. Furthermore, common workshops and seminars will be organized for our graduate students. Graduate Industrial Engineering students will have the opportunity to turn their dissertation into new businesses along with our other graduate students.